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  About Us 

Bare Faced Skin's high performance ingredients enhance, rejuvenate and help to restore your skins natural radiance and luminosity.

Our products contain organic and botanical ingredients, effective in nourishing, protecting and helping maintain the skin barrier function.  Each ingredient has been carefully chosen and blended to work synergistically and in harmony to help create beautiful, healthy skin. 

One of our star ingredients is Sea Buckthorn which gives our products their wonderful colour, it’s also a powerful antioxidant helping to combat free radical damage of collagen and elastin in the skin, a main contributing factor of the common signs of ageing.

Fuss free, uncomplicated skincare saving you time and your skin.

Our Story
Our Promise

Bare Face Skin was developed by Helen Taylor an Eczema sufferer with sensitive skin and subsequent scarring from additional skin complications.  The range was designed to create skin you'll be confident in; skin you want to be seen.

We will never compromise with the quality of our ingredients and will always opt for organic where we can.

All products are tested on humans, not animals.
We use clear and concise labeling and there are no hidden ingredients.

We are working towards reduction of non essential packaging and our products are pacakaged in glass with minimal recyclable plastic.

Free UK mainland standard shipping.

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