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A Pumpkins tale...

It's witches and wizards season. The leaves are turning a myriad of hues, golden yellows, warm russet oranges and intense ruby reds to mark Autumn in all its glory.

Windy, blustery gales and dancing colourful whirlwinds. The wellies, scarves and bobble hats appear, hot mulled wine to make you smile from ear to ear. Wonderful mini and maxi squashes, rainbow vegetables, soul comforting foods, bringing along with them some Christmas cheer. Spring and Autumn are nature's festivals of colour and vibrancy. Autum especially gets the creative cookery juices flowing, think pickles, soups and chutney. Whether cooking or carving Pumpkin has got to be the star for the month. Pumpkin is not only good to eat its great in skincare too, protecting cells from damage and anti-inflammatory properties reducing itching and redness.

Will you be taking a Pumpkin carving challenge this October?

Once the candles are blown out, lights dimmed and the ghosts and ghouls are laid to rest for another year what's in store for your Pumpkin pal? A heartwarming stew, a roast vegetable medley or a delightful dessert? What's your favourite recipe? #Halloween witchesandwizards #autumn #pumpkin #superfood #barefacedskin #pumpkinandborage #skintone #liftlotion #getyoursassyon #plantbasedskincare #solutionbasedskincare #skinconfidence #skincaredoesnthavetobecomplicated #london #skincarelondon #oneapplicationanddone #hydrate #nourish #luxebeauty #veganbeauty #organicbeauty #sensitive #finelines #itching #redness #anti-inflammatory

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