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Bali, Bali, Bali.

So we've not long returned from a lovely, enlightening trip to Bali. Though we didn't spend a lot of time on sun loungers, on the beach or discovering the wonderful culture we did see little peeks here and there. This also gives us a good excuse to go again, maybe next year but we'll see.

So this mini 12 day adventure 2 days of which was spent travelling, this is where you picture 2 plane journeys each way, some frantic running between transfers, no time for duty free waving at all the bling whilst running through, more than 8 films watched, several attempts to sleep in a flying refrigerator, plane food :( though Singapore Airlines does a very good curry; spilt drinks, you know from the chair in front being spring loaded, stripping down and redressing in airport security and a couple of coach rides. Mmmm, wonder why the jet-lag and disorientation, still the stories you can tell.

So whilst in Bali the mission in hand - lots of learning and experiences including a 24 hour juice day, that's a new one for us and if you've not tried it well don't be surprised if you do see vivid flashes of vibrant food in the latter stages just as a wind up.

Be prepared for the lovely sometimes soaring temperatures along with the mutant mosquitoes that come with it. They are Ninja’s with a stealth mode you can't hear them coming and all that protection you buy that normally works everywhere else, well you can just chuck it because they are immune. Then there's the secondary skin irritation that comes from using the said mozzie protection, leaving you wandering around using every part of your anatomy or passing bit of furniture to get to those annoying little itches. Who knew you're really a contortionist.

Bali culminated in a lot of opening up, clearing out and a renewed sense of direction and purpose, if you ever get the opportunity to do a 'retreat' in a beautiful place take it. It's not the same as doing it at home, you can shut off from your everyday completely with none of the usual distractions to suck you back in. It's amazing the junk you find you've been carrying around weighing you down, at this point Atlas comes to mind, and what a release when it's gone. Mentally and physically lighter, a new being emerges well it feels that way and each to their own as they say.

Back in rainy old blighty with a new perspective and a few lumps and bumps from the mosquito onslaught everything seems slightly different though the same. We'll just go with it as there's no way to explain the sensation and there's no point over analyzing it, that's such a waste of energy. This of course may still be the jet-lag but only time will tell.

Here's to the new us and maybe the new you, fancy a trip to Bali anytime?

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