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It’s been a while since our last update and lots of thing have been happening.

We’re ecstatic and still on cloud nine following our Balance Face Revival Cream with Shea and Thistle Editor’s Choice Award win in The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018. As our first entry into any such type of prestigious awards, the recognition has validated our belief in our products and their efficacy.

We have also entered into the Free From Skincare Awards 2018 spurred on from The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018. The Free From Skincare Awards encourage the exclusion of allergens and ingredients that are sometimes linked with skin conditions or issues and we’ve been accepted which is great news for us and an assurance to you of our commitment to provide quality organic and botanical products. Our ingredient lists is provided on our website so youll always be aware what goes into our products.

The launch our 15ml travel size products throughout the range is very near, they’re what we call our perfect little pockets of power, great for small clutches, handbags or pockets, little handy boosts to tackle those crepey patches, blemishes and lines that seem to appear from nowhere. We’ve been through a few delays here and there but patience is a virtue as they say. Look out for these minis just after Easter.

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