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Mindset moments.

As we come to a close on 2018 and look forward to welcoming in 2019, do we reflect on the past or move forward with new ideas and goals? Moving forward, mindset will play a part in how far or how well those goals are achieved.

Just think about the word mindset for a minute. MIND-SET. Which camp is your mind set in, will or won't, can or can't?

If its the latter you're not alone it happens, but why are you there and how did you get stuck there in the first place? What set this off? What or who is that continual voice playing in your head that stops your progress? FEAR.

Did someone very early in your life tell you "That's not possible", "It cant be done." "Don't be silly, you shouldn't just in case." In case of what? The futures not set, you are in control of you.

When is the point you say no more, what's your new story going to be now? You are the person who can make the change, write yourself a different story with potentially many different endings.

Set your mind free, start making the decisions that serve you, stop listening to the old voice, the voice that stems from fear of the unknown. Every new day, every minute of that day you have a choice to go left or right, forward or backwards. Make some new decisions, whats the point of doing what you've already done, standing still in exactly the same place wanting something different to happen. Do something new, take the leap, make some new memories and experiences. With experiences comes challenge and growth. OK, so you may have fear but what are you afraid of? What happens next, what's out there? You'll never know unless you take the steps forward and see where life can take you or more importantly where you can take yourself.

If people didn't dream or take action on those dreams we would have never made it to the moon. Where will your dream take you?

Looking forward to welcome in 2019, hope to see you along the way. H.x

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