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Over the hill? Lets do the mountain!

What is it about ageing that’s so scary? Everyone is in the same boat, there's no escaping that. Age has become a bad word, especially if you're over 40 and in some cases over 30.

Things need to change, mindsets need to change. We are an ageing population; it’s about time for some positive ageing messages rather than the negativity that surrounds getting a grey hair.

The world does not end when another candle goes on the cake, it’s an opportunity to learn, see and experience more. Why spend your time worrying about that next birthday, you never know what’s around the corner, go out make some memories.

Positive role models, positive life hacks and a healthy mind and healthy body are much more empowering. Lets big each other up and stop beating each other down, age is not a dirty word.

Your time is precious, embrace every moment, you only have one life make it special.

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