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Skin Flare Ups

I got into skincare through necessity. I suffered from Eczema which covered about 95% of my body. I subsequently had complications which lead to a life threatening condition and was rushed into hospital.

My head swelled up like a football, I had ulcers in my ears, nose, mouth and eyes, I didn't know if I was going to go blind and I looked like quasimodo.

After years of open wounds and a compromised skin barrier, through the management of diet, skincare and emotional wellbeing I can honestly say my skin is the best it has ever been. ❤

Yes, it has its moments but who doesn't? I have managed to get rid of my Eczema, I do have sensitivities which can flare up randomly, one day I'm perfectly fine with something and the next day....... have some of that! 👊

I use my Bare Faced Skin range everyday, and I developed this with sensitivity in mind. That is all my skin needs, no fuss nourishment and protection. I find it tends to calm everything down, it's been a great help with scarring and the fine lines that are creeping up. It has the added benefit of antioxidant Sea Buckthorn to help reduce free radical damage, Lupine Peptides to reduce collagen and elastin degradation and Hyaluronic Acid for added hydration.

Total everyday skin confidence.

OK so I may not be a spring chicken but hey.......I'm aiming for swan 🦢

What skin struggles do you have?

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