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The Journey Part 1

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Hi, I’m Helen the founder of Bare Faced Skin. I’d like to tell you how Bare Faced Skin came about. It’s a long story as some may know. I’m telling the short version in 3 parts though; I know how it is, busy lives and all that.

I love my skin right now but that wasn't always the case... From the age of seventeen I was covered in itchy, sore, weepy Eczema. I spent many years going between the doctor and hospital, having allergy tests, given steroid creams, E45 cream. I don't know how many tubs of petroleum jelly I went through, I could have run a car factory with it.

Further tests revealed I had what seemed an allergy to life, basically everything I ate, drank or came into contact with. Oh joy! I’m surprised no one suggested I wear a Hazmat suit.

So followed the lifestyle changes, the hypoallergenic covers, cotton clothing, the elimination of foods and drinks from my diet which I can only describe as hell, I went through a dietry cold turkey. During this drama my confidence plummeted and what I thought couldn't get any worse, well...... to be continued.

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