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The Journey Part 2

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

So continuing the saga.... I got a cold sore, yes I know eew! I didn't think much about it at the time, I felt rough so went to bed. The following day due to my compromised skin I was covered in sores. To cut the story short, by time I was rushed into hospital, delirious may I say, my head had swollen up like a football and I had ulcers in my eyes and mouth. Scary ****! Freddie K had nothing on me. I was hooked up with tubes and some serious drugs so didn't feel a thing. Apparently it's very rare and next thing I know a group of doctors came to take a look, they asked if they could take pictures for future reference. At the time I was so out of it I didn't bat an eyelid. I'm now immortalised in some medical manual somewhere. Seriously! My doctor said had they not got me to hospital when they did I would have died within 24 hours. Shocking, who'd have thought it? Eventually they released me to convalesce at home, after came the realisation I would have to venture outside; a little under protest may I say. My wounds were still healing outwardly and very visible. I got used to the stares, I understood, I was shocked every time I looked in the mirror. I got on with life or so I thought. I realise now looking back that I’d spent 5 years like a hermit not wanting to go outside due to the way my skin looked. It took the support of family to get me out of the slump and gradually I came back out of my shell. I still had skin issues, Eczema, scarring and sensitivity so my mission became to minimise any irritation to my skin.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

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